Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Platinum Day of Love

The day I first tasted Dominoz's Deluxe Veggie pizza I fell in love with it. I used to order it almost every weekend. Sometimes with extra paneer toppings and sometimes in cheese burst option. Then I thought I should lose weight. And I stopped calling the Dominoz people and ordering pizza. 

The few months that followed were the weirdest ever. But every time someone dropped a pamphlet at my gate I prayed it was a Dominoz menu brochure. Every time the phone rang I thought I am just going to call Dominoz after I am done with this call. 

One day as I was preparing to order food from a local restaurant I received an SMS from Dominoz. It took me 10 secs to open it. Call it the slow OS of my old nokia phone, or my excitement, I don't know. It said "Order any medium size pizza and get garlic bread and cheese dip free, declare coupon code EMAIL09 upon ordering". I just couldn’t stop myself. That was my platinum day of love. It’s been two years and I’ve been ordering Deluxe Veggie regularly. I don’t have that SMS now but the keep on sending more such SMSs.

Me and Deluxe Veggie Pizza, Bangalore


Suguna Srinivas said...

Koi itna foodie kaise ho sakta hai !!

Varun Sayal said...

Kya karein madam, control hi nahi hota :P